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Comic Pack

Comic Pack

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Introducing the Comic Pack, a versatile collection showcasing classic halftone patterns, dynamic sun rays (speed, action & focus lines), bold comic strips, and speech bubbles. Perfect for graphic designers, illustrators, and comic enthusiasts alike, this pack is your passport to unlocking endless possibilities in storytelling and visual communication.

The pack includes:

  • 85 Sun Rays & 12 illustrator Sun Ray Brushes
  • 50 Halftones
  • 69 Strip
  • 106 Bubbles

Find all files available in EPS and PNG formats for seamless integration into your workflow.

Our packs are constantly refreshed to keep you on the edge, so stay tune for new assets!

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Easily create comic narratives with pre-designed strip layouts, simplifying the organization of your panels.


Add retro charm with classic dot-filled patterns, perfect for backgrounds, shading, and adding visual interest.


Add expressive dialogue and thoughts with diverse speech and thought bubble designs, great for conversations and effects.

Sun Rays

Create dynamic energy with radiating focus lines, ideal for highlighting focal points and adding dramatic hint of speed and action.