Graphite & Grunge Textures Pack

Graphite & Grunge Textures Pack

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Graphite & Grunge Textures pack is the perfect addition to your textures collection. This pack includes 110 high-resolution textures featuring a unique blend of graphite and grunge elements. 

These textures can be used for backgrounds, overlays, or as a base for text and graphics.

Our packs are constantly refreshed to keep you on the edge, so stay tune for new assets!

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110 Overlays

Graphite Pencil Strokes

A diverse array of pencil strokes, from delicate, fine lines to bold, expressive marks.

Background Fillers

These overlays are great for adding a hand-drawn feel without overwhelming your main elements.

Gritty & Rugged

Perfect for creating a distressed, vintage feel in posters, album covers, and more.

Add some Grunge

These overlays provide a sense of history and texture, perfect for creating vintage-inspired designs with a modern twist.